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Welcome to our very special presentations by the 'Morrison Educational Series' team. We at Morrison are committed to drilling down into topics with a focus on education and offering this education, at no charge, to the general public. As always...we encourage you to bring friends to these events.

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 "Women, Be Prepared for Life's Twists and Turns"

Wednesday, March 27th

6:30pm -- 7:30pm

The Robert and Lee DuVall Center

948B Highland Village Road

Highland Village, TX 75077















"Social Security with Tom Clark"

Saturday March 16th

9:30am -- 11:00am

The Robert and Lee DuVall Center

948B Highland Village Road

Highland Village, TX 75077

Tom Clark will again share with us everything there is to know about Social Security, along with the new laws and strategies for 2024.  If you've been to the meeting  before, COME BACK and bring a friend! Tom will be live and in-person and also on Zoom! You choose whether to dress up and come...or stay in your pj's and watch!

Please RSVP or 972-966-3110. 

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"Pay Less Taxes in 2024"

Tuesday January 23rd with Frank Sikich

Highland Village Community Center

















Estate Planning Event

Tuesday August 22, 2023 with Drew Christman, Attorney

Highland Village Community Center


















We had a wonderful turnout and learned so much about how important and valuable Estate Planning is for you and your family! Thanks to everyone who attended!


























Social Security & Medicare Event 

Learn More About Social Security & Medicare with Tom Clark.

  • Changes to Social Security & Medicare
  • Ideas for utilizing to your advantage
  • Answers to your specific questions

Tom Clark has worked for the Social Security Administration for 33 years and is a highly knowledgeable expert in the field. 

Invite your friends and family and enjoy our one-hour Zoom presentation.

You will have an opportunity to ask the expert your questions at the end.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

You must RSVP to or call 972-966-3110 in order to attend. A Zoom link will be sent to you. 



Don't Get Scammed!

























Cyber Security Protection and Detection

A presentation from Robert Castaneda, SVP and Chief Information Officer, Centaurus Financial, Inc.



The World of Annuities...Revealed

An informative discussion on the pros and cons of the different types of Annuities.

Click on the link to hear the conversation:


Long Term Care

Learn what to look for when considering Long Term Care needs.

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