Morrison Education Series


Welcome to our very special presentations by the 'Morrison Educational Series' team. We at Morrison are committed to drilling down into topics with a focus on education and offering this education, at no charge, to the general public. As always...we encourage you to bring friends to these events.

Prior to Covid, most of our series topics were offered in the lecture hall at NCTC in Flower Mound. For the last 2 years, we've been using Zoom and other social media to address you and your friends. We hope to be back in the lecture hall again soon. We feel that 'face to face' is more desirable because we can directly answer the many questions that usually follow these sessions.

Look for the next Morrison Educational Series topic in your email.

We'll see you soon!


Estate Planning Event

We had a wonderful turnout and learned so much about how important and valuable Estate Planning is for you and your family! Thanks to everyone who attended!









Don't Get Scammed!


Cyber Security Protection and Detection

A presentation from Robert Castaneda, SVP and Chief Information Officer, Centaurus Financial, Inc.



The World of Annuities...Revealed

An informative discussion on the pros and cons of the different types of Annuities.

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Long Term Care

Learn what to look for when considering Long Term Care needs.

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Coming Soon:

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